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The website will be in the next weeks under construction. The pages will be reorganized and updated. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Welcome to Asawan!

A site for Soninke language and literature. Here you will find ...

Language Tools:

- primers for both the ' eastern ' and ' western ' versions of Soninke. as well as the ' standard ' version.

- A transition primer for those who can read French and want to learn to read and write Soninke.

- An alphabet booklet and alphabet chart with an image for each letter of the Soninke alphabet.

- A Soninke-French-English lexicon .

Soninke Literature:

- Soninke history

- Soninke proverbs

- Calendar: Soninke-French-Bambara

Health :

- How to make a milk formula for infants

- Information about pregnancy

Soninke Ajami

- Lessons and guides for learning Soninke Ajami

- Documents in Ajami Script

The Holy Books of God: Listen to and Read:

- the Torah (Tawureeta)

- the Gospel (Linjili)

The lives of the prophets:

- Abraham

- Isaac

- Jacob

- Joseph

- Moses

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